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Idriess, Maps, Medical Instruments, Australiana - In room and online


Australian Pottery, Glassware and Miscellany

Timed Auction Saturday 8th of MayFirst lot ends 12 noon

Our next auction is live. There are Australia pottery and studio pottery featuring Brownie Downing, Rockingham Pottery, Isobel Pottery, Takacs, Guy Boyd, Martin Boyd, Jedda, and Darbyshire Aboriginal.

Other fine china including Wembley Ware, Royal Doulton, Shelley, and Colclough. Glassware including Holmegaard Kastrup, Krosno as well as some retro-coloured glass.

Six Studio Anna Pottery Bud Vases

Miscellany including top hat, copper hot water bottle, medical instruments and more. Link to catalogue

We are busy working on another book auction, likely the end of May. There will be more Idriess, Australiana, art, natural history, fine bindings, as well as some really fantastic shelf lots.

Stay tuned!

Idriess, Maps, Medical Instruments, Australiana

This auction we have a plethora of wonderful items.

We will have more treasures from the Ion Idriess Estate including manuscript material(Lots 1-100).

Lot 56 Idriess Original Artwork

A letter book concerning tin mining in Tumut New South Wales, railway and land purchases in MacDonaldtown Sydney from 1872 until 1891.

Exploration including: Mawson’s Home of Blizzard(Lot 688); Moresby New Guinea & Polynesia(Lot 146);  1787 Preparation for First Fleet(Lot 235); A rare utopian voyage to Australia 1692 Les Avantures de Jacques Sadeur dans la découverte et le voiage de la Terre Australe by Gabriel de Foigny(Lot 233).

Lot 270 Terrestrial Globe mid-late 19thC

We have a good lot of maps including a mini Terrestrial Globe from mid-late 19th Century(Lot 270); a 1699 map of New Guinea and North Australia(Lot 188); and a large map of Australia and China(Lot 237). Also on show, Sydney town plans including: Tambourine Bay 1884 Lane Cove(Lot 809); 1840 Gippstown(Lot 571); 1840 Balmain(Lot 570).

Lot 571 Gippstown Plan 1840

A wonderful collection of 19th Century medical instruments from the Estate of Dr Harrison. Included: Pasteur Chamberland Filter(Lot 756); Veedette Vibratory Massager (Lot 755) and Vagina Douche designed by Eguisier(Lot 763).

Lot 763 Vaginal Douche Eguisier

Notable first editions in this next sale are 1927 Hunting The Highbrow by Leonard Woolf(Lot 695) and Mein Kampf by Hitler(Lot 187.)

There are some Chinese publications 1970s Hand Made Cultural Revolution Flyers Gang of Four(Lot 479).

Numerous albumen prints including an epic panorama of Sydney in 1880s which features the Garden Palace by Bayliss(Lot 280).

An original woodcut, ‘The Rambler’ by Norman Lindsay Woodcut.(Lot 525).

Lot 525 Original Norman Lindsay Woodcut

Early architecture publications including: Lot 644 Overton’s Temple Builders(1766); Lot 272 Halfpenny’s Useful Architecture(1752) and Lot 271 Salmon Palladio Vade Medum(1745).

Lot 272 Useful Architecture Halfpenny 1752

20th March Timed Auction

In our next sale we are selling our usual eclectic mix with a focus of Australiana, History, Art, Fiction, Fine Bindings and Parliamentary Papers.

We have some nice children’s books including: a cute Peter Rabbit’s Book Shelf (Lot 73); a bundle of Alice in Wonderland (Lot 69) and other great children’s books ( Lot 70). For the older kids you may appreciate some of our vintage comics on offer like Walt Disney and Uncle Scrooge (Lot 118 , 119) and classic Australian comic Ginger Meggs (Lot 65).

The are many art and history books including: Signed Idriess National Edition (Lot 13); Ballarat Riots 1856 (Lot 223); Submarine Cables Telecommunications 1960s (Lot 201); Australian Aboriginal (Lot 145); Kalgoorlie Port Augusta Railway (Lot 231).  Australian Landscape Art (Lot 117), Australian Impressionism (Lot 33); Cambridge Modern History (Lot 1) and Palestine (Lot 147).

For those of you looking for pretty things to put on your shelf we have some lovely lots of fine bindings: 19th Century Fine cloth bindings (Lot 7), Old Fine Binding Reference (Lot 30); Charles Dickens (Lot 128).

The highlight for this auction is Wharf Port Hacking which includes a lovely poster and maps (Lot 299).

Lot 299 Port Hacking

Never bid on a Timed Auctions before?

It is a Timed Auctions which works a little differently to our normal format. It is online only and works a little bit like an eBay auction. You can start bidding now until the lot finishing time. You’ll find how much time left on each lot. The first lot ends at 12:30 pm on Saturday the 20th March and the auction is likely to finish around 6pm.  

Here is a good article explaining how timed auctions works on Invaluable: