Icons: Opera House, Idriess Manuscripts, Art and History

12 noon, Sunday 7th April 2024. Timed Auction.

What is more Iconic than the Sydney Opera House?

For sale this auction is a copy of the Original Submission made by Jorn Utzon to the Sydney Opera House Selection Committee for the design of the Sydney Opera House. Cahill decided to have built a grand opera house where the old tram sheds lay and conducted an international competition for the best design. 233 designs were submitted.  In 1956, Utzon’s design was announced as the winner. 14 years later the finished building was opened.

Australia’s greatest 20th Century author – Ion Idriess.

We have six manuscripts for sale.

Lot 2 is an unpublished story by Idriess describing a horrific plague of rats that emerged in outback New South Wales in the early 1880’s. The rats numbered millions, and stripped everything in sight in their pursuit of any possible food. Idriess writes:

‘Drovers and bushmen experienced nerve-wracking nights while travelling along the path of the hurrying plague, for the rats swarmed like ants upon their saddlery and sent the horses stampeding mad with fright… Rats gnawing the leathern hobbles, rats gnawing their hooves, leaping up their legs, no wonder the horses went mad. Every drover caught in the path of the plague had to hang all saddlery and gear and everything eatable up in the branches of trees.’

Pictured Lot 3 Story titled “In Prehistoric Australia”, written by Ion Idriess, circa 1935.

First editions and Private Press

We have the first issue of the first edition of The Man from Snowy River from AB Paterson(Lot 48). For the completest, we also have the third issue of the first edition The Man from Snowy River from AB Paterson (Lot 49).

We also have a first edition of Winter Trees by Sylvia Plath (Lot 55). For the Private Press collector, we have a copy of The Attorney-General of New Barataria by Daniel Henry Deniehy with striking woodcuts designed and engraved by Lionel Lindsay. Signed by the author the artist and Shea the publisher.

12 noon, Sunday 7th April 2024. Timed Auction.

Easter Monday Sale

Comics and Graphic Novels: Marvel DC Manga School Boy Pulp

TIMED AUCTION 12noon Easter Monday – Apr 1 2024

Our next auction we have a huge collection of comics, graphic novels and school boy pulps.

Amongst the Marvel we have G.I. Joe 1982 1st Print Complete Series and G.I. Joe 1982 1st Print Complete Series.

For DC we have Green Lantern and Harley Quinn, the Flash, Superman and Batman.

The Graphic novels we have are mostly Japanese titles that have been translated in to English. We have Kabuki, Zenscope, Darkhorse, Girl Genius and e Taiyo Matsumoto..

School boy pulps for the boomers: Sexton Blake, Gem, Nelson Lee, Billy Bunter and more.

TIMED AUCTION 12noon Easter Monday – Apr 1 2024

First lot finishes at 12 noon on Easter Monday. The next lots are staggered by 30 seconds.

Online bidding preferred. (If you hate this contact us before Thursday morning 29th March and we can bid for you.)