Opulent Offerings

10am Friday 3rd November 2023

We have some sparklers in our next auction. From incunables to voyages and exploration, from early Australia as well as maps and views. Interesting and good editions as well as Australian authors, art, natural history, comics and more. 

Let’s start with the voyages. We have a copy of Cook’s Second Voyage (Lot 362). We also have the desirable Dublin editions of Cook’s Life by Kippis (Lot 361) as well as Bougaville Voyage (Lot 493).

Next up some great exploration finds. We have a nice copy of Burchell’s Travels in the interior of southern Africa first edition (Lot 1). We also have Travels in Central Australia from 1872 to 1874 by Giles (Lot 3). And for those who hunt for treasure we have a copy of the Gold-Finder from 1853 (Lot 483).

Let’s go back in time to early Western print. We have a bound incunable called Postilla super psaltery by Hugo de Sancto Caro (c.1200- 1263) a French theologian who joined the Dominicans in the convent of St. Jacques in 1224 and later became a cardinal for Innocent IV (Lot 11). Some say he was one of the first to divide the bible into sections. We also have a comedy written by Plautus published in 1521(Lot 245). Interestingly this book has also been bound with a vellum page from incunable text. It is beautiful. I cannot forget to mention the 1608 Roman Empire Juridical History by Panciroli (Lot 6) which has over 100 full page woodcut illustrations.

Let’s go forward in time to early Australian history. We have a volume of the 1833 New South Wales  Magazine (Lot 24) which shows a contemporary glimpse life, Aboriginal people, politics, transport, economics and literature. We also have a copy of Account of the English Colony in New South Wales by Collins (Lot 359). We also a Sketch of the History of Van Dieman’s Land 1832 by Bischoff (Lot 450) and Physical Description of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land 1845 by Strzelecki (Lot 494).

We have lots of lovely Sydney views including The iconic view of Sydney by John Sands from 1886 (Lot 228) as well as a lovely water colour done after Lycett’s aqua tint from Views of Australia (Lot 10). We also need to mention the fabulous photograph of ANZAAC soldiers going off to war on George Street (Lot 234).

There are over 20 items for map and chart collectors including a 19th Century map of Port Jackson done after Freycinet (Lot 283) and Mercator’s Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio circa 1608 (Lot 274). Not exactly related but definitely worth mentioning a colour 19815 Bondi Estate Poster (Lot 363).

Next up I need to mention some good and interesting items including:  Amerika by Franz Kafka First edition (Lot 199) as well as a Poems signed by WB Yeats. (Lot 19) and 17th century copy of Machiavelli’s works (Lot 360).  
A few standout items from Australian authors including a letter handwritten by Patrick White written to Roger Grealy who had written to White requesting advice as to how to write a novel (Lot 73). The Gumnuts Dance music with colour cover illustration by May Gibbs (Lot 351). Done circa 1915 which rarely comes on the market. And we should mention The Heretic: A Play in Three Acts written by Morris West with Original Lithographs and Relief Prints by Idris Murphy (Lot 354).

It’s time to talk about art! We have an artist proof by Charles Blackman (Lot 249), A print of Baron von Mueller by Bruce Gold (Lot 557) and a wonderous Catalogue Raisonne of Hundertwasser (Lot 258).

In the natural history department, we have a strong display of birds including McCoy’s Prodromus:  Zoology Victoria (Lot 8); the limited edition of Parrots by Forehow Cooper (Lot 5), as well as a red belted bird by Barraband Vaillant (Lot 340).

A quick mention for the Folio Society, Fine Bindings, Military ,  Navy, First editions, and comics.

Happy Browsing Folks!

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