Voyaging to Vaillant

Auction 10am Monday 24th April 2023

Welcome back to our live auctions!

We have wonderful volumes for you to choose from in our upcoming auction. Voyaging is one of the featured themes including many characters from Dixon to Darwin, Cook, Baudin, Hunter, Phillip, Petit-Thouars and Peron.

This beautiful lady is from Lot 7 ‘Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824’, by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and the late Doctor Oudney.

This smoking volcano is from Lot 9 Captain George Dixon’s ‘Account of his Voyage Around the World’, and more particularly to North West America, during the years 1785 to 1788 on the HMS Queen Charlotte. Dixon was an interesting character, having been on James Cook’s Third Voyage which failed to find the North West Passage. Dixon’s own voyage account was in the same vein and includes a large folding chart (61x87cm) of North West America, tracking the two ships King George and Queen Charlotte in 17886 and 1787 from Queen Charlotte Isles to Kodiak Island, beautiful bird plates and a page of an ‘Indian Song as generally Sung by the Natives of Norfolk Sound previous to commencing trade’.

We have an account of the HMS Beagle’s first voyage and second voyages, the second voyage carrying the young Charles Darwin. This beautiful cat is from Lot46.

Featured are a set of Charles Darwin’s Correspondence at Lot 45 and extra Darwin Biographies by such authors as Alan Moorhead Lot 48 and Richard E Leakey Lot 50.

There is also Francois le Vaillant’s ‘Histoire Naturelle de Perroquets’ or the Natural History of Parrots 2 volume limited edition 1989 editions in solander boxes, featuring plates by Jacques Barraband.

Have fun browsing this unique array!

When: 10am Monday 20th March 2023
Where: C11/372-428 Wattle Street, Ultimo NSW and broadcasted online.
Bids: In the room, absentee, by phone or online. Best email to arrange.