Hudson Fysh Collection & Aviation

The September 9th Sydney Rare Book Auction will feature a fantastic range of aviation titles, including books from the collection of Sir Hudson Fysh, founder of Qantas.

Many of the books contain Fysh’s signature and bookplate, as well as inscriptions by him in the margins relating to the text. Any aviation enthusiast will appreciate the significance of his work and see these books as highly desirable parts of their collection.

Titles from the Fysh library includes two great books that Fysh authored and were his personal copies. Qantas Rising: The Autobiography of the Flying Fysh, which is an autobiography of Fysh’s life from World War I and the development of Qantas to the expansion of it into the Qantas Empire Airways in the mid-1930s.

The Log of the Astraea, a book on the Imperial Airways monoplane airliner Astraea and the events surrounding the airmail flights to England, which eventually led towards Qantas’ partnership with the Imperial Airways.
There are also several lots that explore aviation history, airlines, aircraft safety and design, plus some amazing early photographs.


June 24th Auction Highlights

The Sydney Rare Book Auctions team hosted our most recent auction on June 24th, with a full auction room and numerous online bidders making the sale a huge success. There was a lot of interest both locally and internationally for the Norman Lindsay collection, fine bindings and antiquarian books on offer.
Highlights for the sale included a collection of Norman Lindsay letters that sold for $2,000, a 1st edition copy of The Magic Pudding that achieved $1,600, and an 1827 King Narrative selling for $2,500.
Other interesting sales included a copy of Writer’s Pie ($700), Norman Lindsay Pen Drawings ($400), Henry Lawson’s The Elder Son ($500) a 1st ed copy of Philip K Dick’s World of Chance ($750) and A Handful of Darkness ($750) and Barrington’s 1810 History of New South Wales ($625).
If you have any books that you wish to sell in our next auction or are interested in attending our next sale (September 2012) then please contact a member of our team.

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