Dustjackets to die for and posters to decorate your life 88

Ian Fleming The Man With the Golden Gun
Wilbur Smith
Len Deighton
John Steinbeck
Raymond Chandler
The Godfather Mario Puzo
Andre Norton
L Sprague de Camp
Murray Leinster
Clifford Simak
Gordon Dickson
Philip St John
Edmund Hamilton
Lester Del Rey
Lot 2 Ian Fleming The Man With the Golden Gun
Lot 19 Wilbur Smith
Lot 59 Len Deighton
Lot 65 John Steinbeck
Lot 70 Raymond Chandler
Lot 75 The Godfather Mario Puzo
Lot 81 Andre Norton
Lot 82 L Sprague de Camp
Lot 106 Murray Leinster
Lot 107 Clifford Simak
Lot 108 Gordon Dickson
Lot 113 Philip St John
Lot 115 Edmund Hamilton
Lot 118 Lester Del Rey
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This auction has a good number of modern firsts, but more exciting science fiction and fantasy books. 

Authors include:  Andre Norton, Edmund Hamilton, JG Ballard, Jack Vance, L Spague de Camp, Theodore Sturgeon, James Blish, Arthur C Clarke, Brian Aldiss Robert Heinlein and More. 

Nearly all are first editions and in dustwrappers. Some signed. The majority come from a the private collection of a deceased Sydney lawyer.

Auction on this Friday at noon 18th November 2022.

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