Ephemera: Fleeting, Nostalgic, Traumatic, Memorable, Important

This auction is all about those things we often disregard, the ephemeral, the lost, and the forgotten. These are moments in time that are often fleeting, that we remember with a fondness, or with regret and nostalgia. Sometimes, we look back at these things and we realize truly how important these moments are. Catalogue


Those fleeting moments in time, that you enjoy, but soon forget are often marked by little music, programs or tickets. One such item is a piece of music by Isaac Nathan(350). It was an exciting time in Australian music as Isaac Nathan (1790–1864) “… was certainly the first musician with a European reputation to settle in Australia…” (ADB). Another might be the program and tick from The Sentimental Bloke 1961 production (477).


There is nothing more nostalgic than the whimsy of a children’s book. What did it for you? Dorothy Wall (456) or JW Heming’s Pirate Fairies (452, 453); or Ida Rentoul Outhwaite’s (488, 172). Perhaps it was the adventurous Sexton Blake(462), Buffalo Bill (466), The Magnet (468), Phantom comics (469).


Traumatic experiences of war its aftermath have been captured in two photograph albums. The first features German WWII Luftwaffe Photograph Album (368). The second shows a western family travelling through Japan during the Occupation (436).


Queensland Photograph Album from the 1940s or 1950s signed by the photographer ‘Cliff’ to his friend ‘Ray’. Mostly showing an adventurous man travelling through Queensland. Includes: Lizard Island, Fishing,  Great Barrier Reef, Innisfail, Kuranda, Townsville, Cairns, Dunk Island .


The introduction of the Miner’s Right came in 1854 after the Eureka Stockade. It replaced the gold license which was expensive. The Miner’s Right came with the ability to vote and to own property. An early and important moment for democracy in Australia. 1, 2 This auction has 14 Miner’s Rights (3002-314).


Bookplates are labels that are pasted on the inside cover of a book to show ownership. We have 23 bookplate lots with hundreds of examples. Some are ‘Armorial’ plates showing the coats of arms of important families. Others are more modern and artistic including some beauties from Norman Lindsay and other Australian artists.

Other Highlights

Ancient Arabic Manuscript(111); Indentures (197, 199, 300, 301, 346); Rare Australian Catholic Book 1853 (465); Cult and Horror Movie Posters like the Shining by Stanley Kubrick (223, 224, 231, 233, 236)

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