Books, maps, posters, prints, Australiana, Idriess estate, Arabic texts, Chinese posters and more

Lot 559 Tula Wakas
Lot 451 Norman Lindsay Proof
Lot 296 1794 NSW land Grant
Lot 236 Moomin 1st
Lot 192 Maurice Sendak
Lot 186 The World History of Civilizations by Morris Crusae.
Lot 165 Chinese Poster
Lot 1 First Edition Norman Lindsay
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Our next auction is on 12th November 2021 . It has an assortment of material including books, maps, posters, prints, fine bindings, more from the Idriess estate, old documents including colonial, children’s books, first and limited editions, signed books, Australia land sales, books written in Arabic (mostly on philosophy and poetry) books and ephemera on Australia, puppets, fashion and more.

History, Art, Maps, Australiana, Firsts, Signed books and more

This auction we have an assortment of treats including: Ellis Rowan Flower Hunter (Lot 1); Works of Robert Herrick published Kelmscott Press (Lot 304 ); Chinese currency RMB Album (Lot 297); Fine binding on Crimea by Raglan (Lot 284); Glass spear tips from the Kimberleys (Lot 47); and Lindy Chamberlain Archive (Lot 52). There is good deal of art, militaria, maps, history, Australian including Aboriginal, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.