Aboriginal Australian Norman Lindsay Art Architecture Firsts Signed Auction 78

Lot 11: Aboriginal Art Burrup
Lot 134: Norman Lindsay First Magic Pudding Signed with Original Drawing
Lot 12: Kimberley Rock Art 3 Volumes
Lot 18: Baldwin Spencer Arunta Dustwrappers
Lot 390: Le Corbusier Radiant City
Lot 74: Aboriginal Desert People
Lot 412: David Wary Bookends
Lot 601: Fine Binding: Australian Historical Statistics 1987
Lot 135: Ruby Lind Drawing
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This auction we have fabulous Aboriginal Australian art and stone books from the Dr Raven’s Collection. An original Norman Lindsay illustration and one from his sister Ruby Lind. Architecture books strong in the Modernists, International Style architecture, urbanisation, and town planning.

Dr JL Raven

The Aboriginal books are part of the library of Dr J L Raven. He was born in Sydney, trained as a Haematologist in London and has lived in Perth since 1975. His two special interests have been NSW Colonial Art (1960-1992) and Aboriginal Stone Items including Churingas from Central Australia and Cylcons from Western NSW (1970-2021). The books about Sydney and NSW reflect his interest in the history of early Sydney and NSW and the Aboriginal books were his working library for the Stone Collection,  in which he became interested when working in Sydney in the 1970s.