Spring has Sprung – Spruce up your bookshelves! (September Sale)

This auction we have some wonderful thing to add to your collections including POW watercolours, photographs, the Duke of Wellington, Voyages, Maps, Natural History, Australian Aboriginal and more.

Artist Lewis Morley’s archive of 18 water colours done during his time in the Japanese Prisoner of War camp in Hong Kong (Lot 32).

We also have a photograph of Epstein and the Fourmost taken by and signed by Morley. We have two items done by the controversial photographer Bill Hensen.

There is one more photograph that needs mentioning and that is the picture of Charles Kingsford with Charles Ulm which is signed by both men (Lot 1).

We have an outstanding collection of books related to the Duke of Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo including his Despatchers, Dispatches as well a 22 carat Gold Duke Wellington Medal Book.

For those who collect voyages we have a stunning set of La Perouse by Dillon (Lot 90). We also have an early Cook’s Voyages 1785 (Lot 88) as well as the Abridge Cook’s Voyages 1794 (Lot 75).

We have a large number of maps including Port Jackson, Sydney and Melbourne guides from the 1920s and 1930s,  Staten Island  Argentina, Greece and Macedonia.

There are some stunning natural history books with stunning plates including Gould’s Birds of Australia 1865 (Lot 352); Lydekker Royal Natural History (Lot 342), William Swainson on Natural History and Classification (Lot 383) and Lizar’s Naturalist Library (Lot 347).

We have good Australian Aboriginal books like Carved Trees Aboriginal Culture 1918 Etheridge (Lot 127) and Logan Jack Aboriginals in Queensland 1921 (Lot 124).