Discover the World Around us A103

Medicine, Science, Exploration, Maps, Art and First editions

There are over 600 lots in our current auction with a strong focus on discovering the world around us. There are over 62 lots concerning science of animals with a concentrating on human body and pioneering medical advancements and European exploration, conflict and settlement shown in over 71 maps and texts. We also have a number first editions, art books and a few interesting and quirky items worth mentioning.

We have an impressive collection of works on scientific and medical advancements, many finely bound. Highlight include Fabrica by Andrea Vesalius(Lot 202) who is considered the founder of modern anatomy; A number of good publications by William Harvey who showed the importance of the circulatory system; We also have a first edition by Charles Darwin.

You can explore the battles of power in Europe looking through the maps of Greece, the Peloponnese; and Hungary or in the comprehensive Duke of Wellington Correspondence. There are interesting articles discussing how Britain would use Australia for convicts in the 1786 volume of Town and Country (Lot 565). We also have polar exploration including Mawson’s Australasian in the Antarctic (Lot 187) and Scott’s Last Expedition (Lot324).

We have 45 first editions including 2001: Space Odyssey by AC Clarke (Lot563); Poems by Emily Dickinson(Lot 381); The History of Mr Polly HG Wells (Lot 71); The House At Pooh Corner by AA Milne (Lot171). Other highlights: over 50 fine bindings one by Zaehnsdorf (Lot 180); Signed Dane Edna Everidge Poster (Lot 117); Signed Greatest of All Time Mohamed Ali photographs and book; An original sketch by Pierre Auguste Bonnard (Lot 180) and 1460 Animal Book Pier Candido Decembrio (Lot 218)

Auction: 10am Friday 6th October 2023.

Viewing weekdays by appointment. Closed Monday 2nd due to public holiday.