August 9th Auction Update!

In our August 9th auction are some wonderful old books from as early as the 15th century. The oldest title is a 1491 Incunabulum. Printed in Basel within the first fify years of the beginnings of printing in the Western world. This volume is one of one of the very first histories of the world. Many early printed books were religious. This title, although written by the Archbishop of Florence is secular, however it does talk about religious history as well. The book is in Latin and is a very clean copy with no foxing. The binding is probably sixteenth century and is leather over thick wooden boards. Incunable  are rarely seen on the auction market in Australia. Also in the auction are a number of other antiquarian books, several bound in vellum.

Included in this sale is a very clean copy with wide margins of Surgeon General John White’s 1790 book Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales. This is the rare edition with sixty five hand coloured natural history plates. There is also a copy of  An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson And Norfolk Island by John Hunter and published in 1793. Once again this is a very good clean copy and with the maps in very good condition.

For those that like maps and prints we have a fantastic selection of old maps, many of which have Australia in a barely recognizable form, plus several antiquarian prints. Finally we have a variety of art books, a first edition of Man From Snowy River, fine binding and some modern items like DC comics.

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