Idriess, Mining, Australian, History, Military Sport and more

We have a good range of material this auction. We have more from the Ion Idriess estate, mining items, Australian history, Australian literature, as well as military and sporting books.

As we have seen in previous sales Idriess kept everything, from his research materials to objects he collected in his travels and this auction will be no different. We have everything from his mining technical books, books on water and Australia and more impressively two axes!  (Lot 241)  

The mining books included are:  Mining Metallurgy 1867. The Mining and Metallurgy of Gold and Silver by John Arthur Phillips (Lot 68); Mineral Resources of Western Australia 1932 (Lot 604); New South Wales Prospecting 1931(Lot 606); and rarely seen West Darling District Geology (Lot 614).

Lot 604 – Mineral Resources of Western Australia

There are plenty of good Australian History books including a copy of Hunter’s Journal 1793 which is an Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with the Discoveries which have been made in New South Wales and in the Southern Ocean, since the publication of Phillip’s Voyage (Lot 84). Further we will have An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales: both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony by John Dunmore Lang (Lot 247)

Lot 84 – Hunter’s Journal

For those who love Australian literature we have a reasonable collection of Australian authors. Some first edition and some signed by authors such as Tim Winton (Lot 121), David Malouf (Lots 102), Thea Ashley (Lot 126), and Frank Moorhouse (123).

Lot 121 – Tim Winton

Some rare military items make an appearance this auction:   Military Postcards (Lot 161); Wellington Mounted Rifles WW1 (Lot 352); 2nd Battalion 1st & 4th Trench Mortars (Lot 353); and Butler Army Medical Services (Lot 139).

Lot 161 – Military Postcards

For the sports fanatics we have things for you: 1852 Rowing Cambridge (Lot 1); Australian Cycling from 1909(Lot 54) and Skiing Australia and New Zealand (Lot 417).

Lot 54 – Australian Cycling 1909