June 13th Sale!

During the shutdown we have been busy preparing for this big June sale. It will be another beauty as we have lots of interesting and rare material on offer!

We are selling the estate of the late Fred Lane. Fred was the first Australian to win a swimming gold medal at the Olympics and that was in 1900. Interestingly Fred still holds an Olympic Record for the 200 meters freestyle obstacle race. Fred was not only a champion swimmer but became a fine art printer and printed bookplates for all the literati of Sydney. So in this sale is some very important sporting memorabilia as well as bookplates and Norman Lindsay material. We are selling a certificate from when Fred broke a world swimming record in 1899, items signed by him and other Olympic Gold Medal winners. This includes a programme signed by both Fred Lane and Fanny Durack who was the first Australian woman to win a swimming Gold Medal at the Olympics. She was also the first woman in the world to win a swimming Gold Medal as the 100 meters was the first event held for women in swimming. Fred Lane’s house was destroyed by fire when Fred was 90 years old. Very little survived from this fire but we are offering what did survive. Some of it is sadly smoke affected and some is in very good condition but it is all important.

We are selling the estate of the late Craig Shaw who was an astute collector of bushranging and convict material. There are some lovely unique items here including an original photograph of Ben Hall and a Ticket of Leave issued to a woman convict. Its the only one I have ever seen issued to a woman. There is lots of good Australian history on offer here.

We are also expanding our sales and including a number of non book items. There is a very good range of Australian pottery and a number of good Australian paintings including Lister Lister and Muir Auld as well as some relating to bushranging.

We continue to sell, as we will for some time to come, items from the estates of Doug MacKenzie and Alan Ives. The auction after this will include a number of books from the estate of the late Dr Harrison. Stay tuned!

At this stage we don’t know what the Government will allow so it may be an online only sale. Viewing by appointment will  be available.

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