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Voyages around the world

Auction 10am Monday 20th March

We have good and many publications on early voyages in our current auction. From Cook and Forster, to Anson, to Wilson to La Perouse. There are both publications from the late 18th century and more accessible modern reproductions. The crews from these voyages push boundaries both technological and territorial and often tragedy ensued.

Henry Wilson (1740–1810) was captain of the Antelope packet. In 1783, he and his crew went to South America to Papua New Guinea to the Philippines to Macau to Palau where they were shipwrecked on a reef (British Museum). The crew with the help of King Abba Thule, were able to retrieve the timber and build a new ship named Oroolong(Royal Museums Greenwich). We have a copy of his published journal (Lot 5)

We have a copy of the Narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty, 1790 by William Bligh (1754-1817) (RMG).In 1789, Bligh and his crew were sent to Tahiti to get breadfruit plants to the Carribean. Not long after leaving Tahiti Fletcher Christian led a mutiny. He cast “off their commander and 18 of his supporters in an open boat only 7 metres long…They were given a sextant, compass and five days’ food and water.” Bligh managed to navigate over 5800 kilometers to Timor through difficult waters part along the north-east coast of Australia along the way (Australian Museum). (Lot 6)

Captain James Cook (1728-1779) known for three successful voyages and needs little introduction. He was killed in Hawaii in 1779. In our 1784 copy there is a fold-out image of illustrate=ing the death of cook. We have several books concerning Captain James Cook and his voyages including a 1777 edition of Forster’s Journal (Lot 31). We also have a copy of Cook’s Second Voyage (Lot 36); as well as several Beaglehole items as well as others on Sir Joseph Banks.

King Louis the XVI was inspired by James Cook and in 1785 sent Jean-Francois de Galaup La Perouse (1741–1788)(ADB).with L’Astrolabe and La Boussole with many scientists and artists to explore north and south of the Pacific and complete the maps begun by Captain Cook. He was also to establish new trade contacts(NGV). In 1788, he visited Botany Bay. He was seen leaving the heads but was never seen again(SLNSW). Lot 32

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