Excellent Eclectic Easter

Timed Auction Only Ending 10am Monday 10th April

We have something egg-citing for Easter this year – A TIMED AUCTION. Your bidding starts….. NOW!

The first lot of our timed auction ends at 10:00AM on 10th April (Easter Monday) unless someone else bids in the last two minutes.  The second lot ends at 10:02AM and so on. The ending times of each lot are listed on Invaluable. Good luck!

Something for Everyone these Holidays!

There is something for everyone including from Ornithology, Art Deco Sketches and Fine Sevres Porcelain to Tropical Diseases and Women’s Physical Education. With literary giants such as Charles Dickens, Stephen King (Richard Bachman), Henry Lawson and Vladimir Lenin, the catalogue is littered with surprises. We visit South Australia, Ballarat, China, Egypt, South East Africa, Russia, Japan, Gibraltar, Antarctica and Papua New Guinea through historical accounts, conflict and exploration. For the more light hearted we have the folk tales of the Arabian Nights Set, Beatrix Potter Volumes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Short Novel, Harry Potter Pop Up, Punch Bound Magazines, Paul McPharlin Puppeteer Archive and Maurice Sendak Posters.

We are serving up some wonderful volumes from a wide range of topics.

We have an attractive complete set of Oxford Dictionaries, yes I said dictionaries… Lot 958 is perfect for the bibliophile who enjoys the last word. The last word in our dictionary set is Zymurgy (The practice or art of fermentation, as in wine-making, brewing, distilling etc).

We have three publications relating to wine in fact, including:  Lot 421 ‘Wine and Wine Countries’ which gives us a view into the early years of the wine industry in Australia with James Busby. Busby also features in a Convict System report from 1832.

We also have several Folio Society volumes including ‘Herodotus: The Histories Translated’ (Lot 866). He is controversially known as the father of history or the father of lies…. depending on your point of view. You decide!

We have numerous art books, the most impressive and beautiful is Lot 17, ‘The Soft Porcelain of Sèvres’, which displaying lavish French artistry in coloured drawings. Or you may fancy the history of ‘Spode’ in Lot 15, ‘Marks on Australian Silver’ at Lot 917 or three uncirculated silver $10 coins at Lot 624.

For bird lovers we have an extensive collection of Gracius Broinowski illustrations (Lot 832), Australian (Lot 484) and British Ornithology (Lot 915).

We have a number of good first editions including Truman Capote’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys: A Short Novel and Three Stories’ (Lot 111), bringing back memories of Audrey Hepburn, a symbol of fashionable femininity in New York. We also have Henry Lawson, a number of Charles Dickens, Emu Poison by Ford, as well as Cyaniding for Gold by Idriess.

Women’s Physical Education features at Lot 335, from the first woman to receive a medical degree in the US. We’ve come a long way!

Of course The Don gets a look in. Donald Bradman, our most famous cricketer, is always popular with several lots including a box set at Lot 761.

And, for a little controversy, Tony Rafty gives us his original sketches of court room testimony from famous Australian Cases c1989, featuring infamous characters at Lot 871.

Happy Easter Everyone!

When: Beginning 2:30pm Thursday 30th March and ending 10am Monday 10th April 2023
Bidding: online only

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