Pacific Anthropology and Military Books

Tuesday 26th April

TL Mitchell 1838 Eastern Australia
Lot 126 Art of The Sepik River
Lot 1 Mitchell 1838
Lot 220 Papua New Guinea Australian Military
Lot 8 Kangaroo Wall Vase
Lot 35 Oceanic Mask
Lot 15 Guy Boyd Yellow Sugar Bowls
Lot 22 Storm by Dick Brown. Acrylic on Canvas
Lot 226 Australian War Voices/Stories
Lot 16 Guy Boyd Pink Vases
Lot 235 Australian Military WW1 Gallipoli
Lot 18 Japanese Lacquer Soup Bowls c1928
Lot 29 Sculpture From New Guinea
Lot 57 War Trophies or Curios New Guinea Art
Lot 12 Martin Boyd Fishing Pot with Lid
Lot 108 Ritual Cravings of the Asmat
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Our next auction Asia Pacific, anthropology, art and military books. It is a smaller auction with only 260 lots. 

Most of the Asia Pacific art books are from the reference library of a private art collector. Included are anthropological books and tribal art, and private collections. The books including New Guinea, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Pacific, Australia.

The military books including lots of World War One, Australians in Gallipoli, submarines, war ships and other navy boats mostly America and Australian.