Pre-Election Sale May 20th 2022

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Photograph of ex Prime Minister Billy Hughes 1935. At the time this photograph was take he was Health Minister. Here Billy Hughes holds a decidedly unhappy child. Published on the front page of The Sun News Pictorial on 23 May 1935. Lot 492

In May’s auction we have items from the estate of journalist Brian Davies, artist Steve Kalcev and Ion Idriess.

Brian Davies(1935 – 2022) started his illustrious journalism career in ABC’ s newsroom. In 1977 he joined Four Corners, later he produced Australia’s first tv breakfast program Sydney Today (Channel 7) and in 1982 he joined SBS. His family fondly remembers that in his retirement Davies developed a passion for the rights of refugees. An excellent article about Brian Davies written by his son Luke Davies can be found in The Sydney Morning Herald 7 March 2022.

Davies collection of books was vast and varied. Books lined every wall of his home. As a bookseller, I could imagine lots of good work and reading happening here. Amongst some our favourites are 1798 Collins First Fleet(Lot 1), Two Minutes Silence A Play by Leslie Haylen a rare 1933 Australian Drama (Lot 10) and Henry Lawson – My Army, O, My Army. (Lot 21).

We also have books from the estate artist Steve Kalcev(1950-2021). Born in Macedonia and he studied at the college of Fine Art in Skopje and became painting conservator. In 1971 Kalcev migrated to Sydney and built a wonderful studio in his backyard. There he painted, sculpted and built furniture all proudly display in his house.

His paintings were displayed at Gannon Contemporary Gallery in Sydney. He is best known for his bold, textured and earthy paintings. His library held many great painting books, some sculpture and some technical guides. Some standout are Isamu Noguchi( Lot 440); H. R. Giger’s Necronomicon(Lot 444) and Tapies Complete Works(Lot 441). Read more about Kalcev here: